South El Monte Little Library (Take a Book, Donate a Book)

I was driving in S. El Monte, and spotted this rather large little library. Free books, and a place to donate books.

It’s located at the corner of Merced and Alesia St. This is on Merced between Garvey and Santa Anita.

I checked on the Little Free Library Map, and didn’t find a listing for this. Maybe it’s because LFLM requires you to have a charter, and some other regulations, to post on there. (This probably explains why some free libraries I know are not on there.)

I found a story online about a thing in 2018 to build a bunch of these. A local business group made some, but ended up having a whole bunch made by the Carpenter’s union. I find that funny. Business people always like to say, “I built it”, when they really just got someone else to build it. It’s all cool.

This particular little free library appears to be made from old furniture.

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