Television Fixes

Tips on dealing with old TVs you come across. Now that people are upgrading to 4K TVs, they’re putting perfectly good TVs out on the curb. Here are some fixes and tips.

  1. Get the Service Manual. Find the model number on the back of the TV, and search for “[model] service manual”. These are like the user manual, but explain things like how to enter the test modes, upgrade firmware, and so forth.
  2. See if the remote is around the TV. Some of these have hidden buttons that will enter test modes.
  3. If you’re having trouble finding information, look on the labels for the FCC ID number, and search for that. You may find equivalent products based on the same board.

Get Out of the Sylvania Funai LD195SSX Color Test Screens

In the test mode, it’ll show all these color screens Reg Green Blue Black White and Gray Gradients. One way to exit is to press “up” “down”, and get into the firmware upgrade mode. Then, unplug the TV. When you plug it in again, it’ll work.

This may also work with LD195EMX 19MD359B/F7 LD190EM1 19MD350B/F7 LD190SS1. Some of these are valued by video gamers because the TV is small and has many inputs.

Test Modes with Color Screens

On some TVs, you can hold the power button down a long time, and it’ll turn off, and exit the service mode.

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