99 Cents Store Scientific Calculator StudioArt SUPER Review

This scientific calculator competes with the Dollar Tree JOT $1 scientific calculator, and fares pretty well. This brief review covers basic operation and features.


Battery: 2 x AAA

Display: 10 digit

It has a 2-line display and can scroll backward through recent calculations.

This calculator has a lot of features similar to higher priced calculators. It’s a bit thick, because it uses two AAA batteries for power.

The keypad, compared to the Dollar Tree Jot Calculator, appears to have fewer functions, but this is not the case. Some functions are hidden in menus, and can be chosen with a couple keystrokes.

They keypad fees like plastic keys over a membrane switch. This is okay. It feels cheap, but this is a $3 calculator.

The overall feel is light and almost flimsy.

Stats modes: Standard Deviation mode, and Regression Calculation mode. REG mode calculates linear, log, exponential, power, and inverse regression.

Nine variables (A-F, X, Y, M).

Rectangular to polar conversions.

NO binary-hex-decimal number conversions.

Overall impression: works pretty well, a fantastic deal for $3.

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