Little Libraries in Boyle Heights, East LA, and Montebello

A “little library” is a small box-like kiosk where people may donate books, and borrow books. There’s no “checkout” or anything like that. Take a book, and return it when you’re done.

If you have extra books, you can donate them to the little library.

A Little Library website has a map, and you can find out where some are. They aren’t all listed. If you know of one, just say so in the comments.

Here are some known locations.

Update: Post on FB about Montebello Little Free Libraries

1st and Cummings, Boyle Heights 90033

At the Lot to Spot location. It’s a shelf/cart thing. The public library is down the street, and they also have books, of course.

The police station down the street also has a little library. I wonder if cops bother to read?

1st and Boyle

At the Libros Schmibros shop, which is also a lending library. There’s some free books out in front. They also accept donations.

Nearby up in Cesar Chavez, Other Books has a discount book rack, and sometimes a free book box, out in front. They buy books, and also accept donations.

1st and Soto (Defunct)

Someone set up the old payphone to be a library. It got messed up, but had some books in there a while. Maybe someone can revive it.

605 Brittania

This hasn’t been verified, but it’s listed on the map.

2900 Calle Pedro Infante (near the Casa Mexicana) in Boyle Heights

This hasn’t been verified but was noted online.

Hazard Park in Boyle Heights

This hasn’t been verified. South side of the park.

642 N. Vail in Montebello

This hasn’t been verified. This is located on Lincoln, close to the public library. The public library also has books, of course. They also do an ongoing book sale by friends of the library.

1519 W. Madison in Montebello

This hasn’t been verified. Located north of Montebello Intermediate, near

904 N. 3rd St. Montebello

This hasn’t been verified. Located a few blocks east of Montebello Blvd, off of La Merced.

El Sereno Public Library

They have a donation box and a giveaway box. Same thing, really.

In Bell, Nevada St. between Prospect and Mayflower

2814 Live Oak Street in Huntington Park

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