Paper Making

Modern paper is made from wood pulp, but paper can be made from many other materials, like hemp, vegetables, cotton, linen, and even seaweed.

Back in the pre-Christian era, paper was invented. Early paper was mainly made of hemp and linen. By the late 18th century, with the rise of cotton production, cotton rags also became a source of material to produce paper.

The paper production process is simple if quality isn’t an issue:

  1. Pulp a fibrous material by soaking it in water, and beating it into small fibers.
  2. Using a flat mold, sieve out some of the pulp, and swish it around to get an even layer of pulp.
  3. Let the mold drain water until a sheet of wet pulp forms.
  4. Press a “felt” down onto the paper, and flip the mold over. Remove the mold, leaving a sheet of wet paper on the felt.
  5. Wait for the paper to dry.

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