Momentum Brands, 99 Cents Only Brand, Commerce CA

Momentum is one of the 99 Cents Only store’s house brands.

The 99 Cents Only store gets a lot of product from China, and rebrands it as its own, using different trademarks to make it look like there’s a variety of companies.

Granted, a lot of the different companies are actually different regional companies, but Momentum appears to be straight from China to Commerce, CA, 90023, where the 99 Cents Only store is headquartered. (If you’re in the Boyle Heights area, it’s down near the Food 4 Less on Olympic, just south east of it.)

The quality of Momentum product varies, but it’s functional. They sell plastic bowls, plates, cups, universal remote controls, USB cables, calculators, water bottles, toys, brushes, Garden Ease brand garden gadgets, and  hundreds of other products.

2 thoughts on “Momentum Brands, 99 Cents Only Brand, Commerce CA”

  1. i don’t know if you can help me but I will try. I bought handle tie, lemon scented trash bags (75 bags) at the 99 cents store. Is there away to find out if the are recyclable? if you cannot answer this can you tell me who can?

    1. When it comes to recycling with your blue bin, they just want the stuff in there loose. See your blue bin to find out if they accept bags. In the City of Los Angeles, they now accept bags.

      Plastic bags are usually made of polyethylene. There are two main forms: high density polyethylene, aka HDPE, aka recycling number 2; low density polyethylene, aka LDPE, aka recycling number 4. The package may indicate which is used.

      HDPE plastic bags are the thin plastic shopping bag material, and crinkle. It’s also the milk jug plastic. This is generally recyclable.

      LDPE plastic bags are the softer, limp plastic bag material. These feel more like hefty trash bags or ziploc plastic bags or baggies. This is usually not accepted for recycling.

      Edit: I created a post about this.

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