Can You Recharge Coin Button Cell Batteries?

Short answer is “yes”, but their chargeability is limited.

They come in two types – rechargeable and disposable. The main difference is that the disposable ones cannot be recharged more than a few times, in my experience.

To recharge, I connected the battery to a 5 volt power adapter. I used a USB charger, and an old USB cable with one end cut off (the small end).

I found the +5v and ground, and then stripped the ends, and taped them to the battery (making sure not to short the two ends of course).

I then charged it, feeling if it got hot. Usually, it would warm up. After an hour or so, it would have a charge of over 3 volts.

I’d then reuse it. It wouldn’t last that long.

Doing multiple charging cycles seemed to help.

(I was using these batteries in a bathroom scale. It worked okay, but their design, using these small batteries, was pretty lame. It would drain the battery in a month.)

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