Momentum Brands Garden Ease

Garden Ease is the 99 cents store brand for garden gadgets.

Some of the things they sell are a thermometer, wire to attach plants to stakes, garden fabric, solar walkway lights, and hooks that look like flowers.

How to Use Garden Ease Weed Control Fabric

Momentum Brands weed control fabric is a kind of mulch, a layer of inert material placed on dirt to prevent weed growth, and to protect the ground. Weed garden fabric is permeable and decomposes slowly, so it allows the dirt to breathe and live, but prevents sunlight from getting to the seeds, so they won’t germinate.

Garden fabric can be used prior to planting, to suppress weeds. They can also be used with growing plants, by cutting holes in the fabric to allow the plants to grow through.

Weed control fabric is generally black, and looks like fabric. If you want a nice appearance, you can cover the fabric with rock mulch or bark mulch.

How to Hang Hooks and Thermometers

Most things hung on walls should be hung with pan-head screws, and perhaps anchors. The objects have a little hook-hole that looks like this:

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You need to find a screw that will slot into the hole. It’s actually a lot harder than it appears, because you need it to be flat enough to slide into the slot, and narrow enough for the groove.

Take your object to the hardware store, and try out different options.

How to Tie Plants to Stakes

If you use a single stake, attach the plant loosely. Don’t tie the wire too tight, or you’ll damage the plant. You should check its growth weekly, so you can loosen the wire as the plant grows.

A better way is to use two stakes, one on each side of the plant, and then tie the plant to the stakes with large loops of wire or ribbon.

One loop goes to the left stake, and one loop goes to the right stake. The plant will be able to move around a bit, but can’t topple over in any direction too far.

You don’t need to worry too much about loosening the wires, not for a long time.

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