Hunt for Missing Money in California: State Unclaimed Property

When a company writes a check to you, and you lose the check, and forget about it, they’re supposed to send the money to the State. This is called Unclaimed Property, and is managed by the State Controller. The State has a database that you can search to find that money, and get a check.

New information is being added to the database all the time, including old properties. I found money from over 20 years ago.

The process is pretty simple.

Go to this page:

The type in your name and city. Leave out your middle initial.

The checks are associated with your address at the time it was written, so repeat the search with every single city in which you lived.

For each claim, click on the link, fill out the form, and money is on the way.

Some claims will require filling a printed form, so, you need a printer.

Preventing Email Harvesters and Search Engines from Using OCR to Extract Addresses From Your Images

If you want to avoid spam, or don’t want to be found by email address or name through a search engine, you should keep your email address and name off of web pages.

Sometimes, though, you need to show the address. This discusses how to put together an image that contains your email address, or any text, and avoid having it parsed by software that’s doing optical character recognition to extract text from the image.

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