Dirty Pour Paintings, Andy Warhol Piss Paintings

The hottest “painting” trend today is the “dirty pour”, which produces these wavy-blobby, psychedelic, abstract pictures.  It’s difficult to look at them and not think of Andy Warhol’s Oxidation Paintings, which are also called his “piss paintings.”

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Statistics: A Guide to the Unknown, 3rd Ed., by Tanur et. al.

Summary in progress. (sale on ebay)

A Guide to the Unknown collects articles written for a general audience to explain how statistics were used in research, to improve understanding.

The book was developed to promote the use of statistics in medical research, social science research, the humanities, and other non-mathematical fields. So, it’s pretty easy to read. There’s some math, but it’s couched in narrative.

The title, “A Guide to the Unknown” describes how stats are used: to help evaluate the quality of our understanding. What is known, and not known? What may happen, and what isn’t likely? Each essay presents a narrative, and then describes how statistics were used to improve understanding.

Each essay is listed below, and summarized.


The Biggest Public Health Experiment Ever: The 1954 Field Trial of the Salk Poliomyelitis Vaccine, by Paul Meier


How to Clean Gas Range Burner Grates

For each grate:

1 gallon zipper plastic bag

1/4 cup ammonia

Put the grate into the bag, and add ammonia.  Seal the bag and wait 12 hours.  Remove grate from the bag, and clean off grates with a sponge.

I read this here and here.  I can verify that it works.

Another way I tried to clean grates was with a soak in washing soda and hot water.  This worked somewhat, and helped reduce the grease, but the ammonia method above was cheaper and better.

Ammonia works on even the blackened, hardened fats. It didn’t clean mine entirely, but still did a visibly good job.