Program the 99 Cents Only Store, Momentum Brands, 8 Device Universal Remote Control 60-689199

I found one of these, model number 60-689199, at home, but had lost the manual. Some web searches didn’t turn up a copy of the manual, so, I decided to try and rectify that problem. Another unit was found at the 99 Cents Only Store, and I bought it (for $1.99).

I suspect there are thousands of these remotes out there. This page will help keep them functional. 

To program the remote, you push the device button or the “set” button until the LED stays on. Then, you can either enter the code from the manual, and then press channel up to test it — it’ll shut off the device, OR press channel up to scan the possible codes until the device shuts off. When the correct code is found, press the “set” button to complete programming that button.

Description: 47 button, red power button, blue control pad, blue OK button, red set button, gray number buttons, eight 8 blue device buttons along the bottom. tv vcr cable sat dvd aux amp cd

21 thoughts on “Program the 99 Cents Only Store, Momentum Brands, 8 Device Universal Remote Control 60-689199”

  1. Problem : Code identification feature , DONT work to find 4 digit code stored in device ,
    I followed manual instruction , pressing 0…9 , to find each digit squentially .

    Also is there any technical support phone number to call .

    Thank you if you find solution .

    1. Hi JJ. I don’t know of any technical support. They won’t even post the instructions online, which is why I went to the store, bought a new remote, and then put the instructions up, so I could reprogram my own remotes.

      1. Hello John ,

        Thank you very much for your reply , Do might have any more time to play with code identifier features , I run motel , Bought 50 remotes , many time I have to follow code search feature ,
        once one remote works then , for same TV I dont have do again and again code search , can just enter code for all TVS .

        Thank you very much .

  2. Ohmygoodness!!!! Brought this remote 2 Yeats ago and lost the manual. Put in a search for universal remotes and voila your matched.

    Bless you!!!!

  3. I bought one of the momentum brands from 99 cents store in San Diego and wanted to know how to order another cinematic light-up box please ty?

  4. I am trying to program the remote for a Panasonic tv. I can’t figure it out & the manual has 14 codes for Panasonic. What exactly do I have to press

  5. So there’s only one code for the TV I have and it only turns TV on and off and changes the input I can’t change channel or turn the volume up the TV I have is seiki in the code is 1822

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