Dollar Tree Scientific Calculator, Scenery Electronics Limited SS-6618 Manual

This was purchased from the Monterey Park Dollar Tree for only one dollar! What a deal. When I was a child, these scientific calculators cost $15 or more, in 1980s dollars. Now, these are $1 and really underpowered for what most students need. I bought it because starting the calculator apps on the computer is too slow on Windows and Mac. (Linux is fast enough.) I don’t mind using the search engine, but when the computer is off, the internet is far away!

The calculator uses an LR1130/AG10 battery for power. This battery runs at 1.5 volts, so two AA batteries and a resistor to drop the voltage a little bit could be good enough to power this unit forever.

The calculator has a small statistics mode, where you can enter your data, and take the SD, mean, and sum of squares. It’s missing the nPr and nCr features, but has the factorial.

It has conversions from decimal, hex, octal, and binary.

The instruction manual is printed pretty small, so I’m attaching it here.

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