Tenant Union Near Me

What is a Tenant Union?

A tenant union is an group of tenants organized by building, neighborhood, city, or region, who work together to educate each other about their rights as tenants, to provide support for each other, and to represent our interests politically.

Some tenant unions have been involved in local political efforts to pass rent control laws.

A tenant organization can be associated with a larger group, perhaps a nonprofit or a legal clinic, or can be autonomous, not formally associated with another group, but working with other organizations as peers.


Tenants Unions at Tenants Together

Tenant Unions in the Los Angeles County Areas

This is not a comprehensive list.

Los Angeles Tenants Union

San Gabriel Valley Tenants Alliance

Alhambra Tenants Union

Downey Tenants Union

Rosemead Tenants Union

Pasadena Tenants Union

Pasadena Tenant Coalition (a commercial property tenant group)

South Pasadena Tenants Union

Glendale Tenants Union

South Central LA / Gardena Local of the LA Tenants Union

Burbank Tenants Rights Committee

How to Search for Tenant Unions

If you don’t see a local above, you can search for tenant unions through search engines like Duck Duck Go, Bing, and Google. You can also dig through specific websites.

If you’re in California, start your search with the Tenants Together website, where they have a directory of organizations. These include not only tenant unions, but legal services.

Next, using a general web search engine search for terms like:

  • tenant union <cityname>
  • tenant association <cityname>
  • renter union <cityname>
  • renter association <cityname>
  • tenants rights committee <cityname>
  • autonomous tenant union <cityname>
  • tenant movement <cityname>