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Orange County cogged stone locations – – Walks based on the location of found cogged stones.

The Original Boundaries of the City of Los Angeles – the City was a lot smaller in 1781. –

Original location of San Gabriel Mission to the current location of San Gabriel Mission – The original location was at Lincoln and San Gabriel, near Rosemead Blvd. in the Whittier Narrows Dam. The current location is on Mission in San Gabriel.

Mexican – American War locations in LA County – – – –

El Monte Berry Strikes

Japanese American Internment Locations – 1st and Central, St. Mary’s Church, Venice Monument, Fish Lake, , Pomona County Fairgrounds, Centenary United Methodist Church (on Normandie?)

Descanso Gardens to San Gabriel Nursery – Descanco Gardens was made with plants from the SG nursery, purchased outright because the family that owned SG nursuery were being sent to the concentration camps.

Chinese Cemetery, to Evergreen Cemetery, to Chinatown, Castellar Elementary – The cemetery tour.

Terminal Island

Operation WB – locations where the US government rounded up Mexican nationals and Mexican-American American citizens for “deportation” in the 1930s.

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