How to Reheat Cooked Rice in a Microwave

Fried rice, white rice, Mexican rice, Spanish rice, paella, arborio, riceballs. It seems simple enough, but these tricks will make it taste even better.

  • Cover it with plastic wrap or a damp paper towel to hold in the steam.
  • Add a sprinkle of water, to rehydrate it.
  • Let it sit, covered, for a half minute to a minute, to allow it to steam more evenly.
  • Or, put a bowl of hot water into the microwave along with the rice, so it’ll steam.

Minimal waste enthusiasts may notice that using a damp paper towel leaves you with a paper towel for your use as a napkin.

Frozen Rice

You can store rice frozen. The best way is to store a single serving in a plastic zipper bag, or a small portion container.

To freeze it, allow it to cool until warm, then separate and store it. It will freeze quickly.

To reheat, just put the bag or container in the microwave oven and zap it for a minute. Do not open the container. Just let it cook closed, so it develops steam.

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