Filing Stays Organized with Temporary Files (tmp.*, temp.*)

Most of the work you do on the computer is disposable. Having a copy of it around may seem useful, but can be detrimental to your larger goals to keep a simple filing system.

Consider using temporary files.  As you work on your document, or enter data, save it to a file named “tmp.txt” or “tmp.docx” or whatever, but with a consistent name.  I use “tmp”.

Some applications will use “Untitled” as the default name, and you can use that, as well.

Don’t bother to delete it.  Instead, the next time you need to use the temporary file, you name it the same, and replace the previous one.

If you need to delete all these files, just use the “file search” feature.

If you feel like you need to retain the document, just use the “Save As…” feature, to rename it.

Temp Files Save Filing Space and Mental Space

Your filing system will be littered with a dozen of these files, but it’s still only a dozen.  You will be passing hundreds of documents through these temporary files. It’s a big organizing victory!

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